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Examination of NIAC Final Report 6 22 05

Examination of NIAC Final Report 6 22 05


Examination of some Awarded NIAC Final Reports

by Space Specialists

аThe international press a lot times wrote about machinations of director the NASA Institute of Advance Concepts (NIAC) Mr. Cassanova, who creates sinecure from NIAC and gives the government (taxpayers) money (millions dollars!) for his friends, protégé, and useful people as awards for their Уscientific researchesФ, which make the revolution in the aerospace. (see, for example, ).

аа In NIAC site Mr. Cassanova are writing that every proposal is reviewed by three internal and three external reviewers. The applicants many times asked Mr. Cassanova to present the reviews with data of review and reviewer decision (give grant or no and why awarded proposal is better). What sum is awards?

а Mr. Cassanova did not reply to any of these simple requests. Why??

аа The explanations are very simple: NO reviewer, NO review panels, No peer reviewers, NO scientists who took part in the review process, No voting, No scientists who see the proposals, NO anything! Everything is just fabricated fiction. There is only just Mr. Cassanova in NIAC who changes all reviewers, all scientists (in any scientific fields!), all panels, and all debates. Who distributes tens (hundreds?) of millions government (taxpayers) money to friends and insiders (to grease their palms?).

а May be Mr. Cassanova genius, who knows all sciences and promotes the space sciences? Applicants asked him to send list of his articles. No reply. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) collected all scientific works published in the USA or presented in the American Conferences. Open the AIAA site: , search the name УCassanovaФ.

а You will see that Mr. Cassanova wrote for his life only ONE (!!) unimportant scientific work about 30 (1976) years ago having four co-authors where Mr. Cassanova is not the first author.а

а Main problem and main break of space development now is very high cost of space delivery about $20,000 - $50,000 per pound (453 grams). We must decrease this cost in hundreds and thousands times up to $2-5 per pound. Only in this case we can widely to explore the space, widely to develop the space tourism, Moon base, and Mars trip. The main (more 80%) money resource must be funded in new space launch systems, in new power systems, in cheap launch of space loads.

а Mr. Cassanova does not understand it. In his Annual Report 2003 (p.12) he named 30 critical technologies, but here no cheap launch and power system!? It not surprise, because Mr. Cassanova wrote only one work in 30 years in team of four co-authors. If Mr. Cassanova is top specialist in NASA, what is level of others? Columbus tragedy shows well it.

а ааа Overview:а The NIAC spent more 30 millions dollars in 6 years, but they did not suggest new concepts or ideas?! Most (90%) NIAC final УresearchФ reports are idle talk (no scientific results, no preproduction models, no right scientific reports, the final reports content a lot of scientific mistakes, and so on). For example, the final reports donТt have any scientific results: Space Elevator (award about 1 millions dollars), Bio Suite (awards about 1 millions dollars), Chameleon Suit (award about 1 millions dollars), Control weather (awards about 1 millions dollars), Cocoon vehicle (work contains only scientific mistakes), antimatter sail (empty useless work), and so on (see Final reports in NIAC WEB).

ааа Now the NIAC is just a private manger for УfriendsФ and has spent 90% of government (taxpayers) money not very effectively, and specifically in fraudulent and criminal ways.аа

а For example, Mr. Cassanova awarded 4 (four !!) times by one (and more) millions dollars persons: Howe S., Colozza a., Nock K., Cash w., Hoffman R., Winglee R. He awarded three times of one (and more) million dollarsа persons: Dubowsky S., Kammash N., LaPointe M., Rice E., Slough J., Newman D.


ааа Below you find some of these Уscientific researchesФ. See the Final Reports and estimate: do they cost the huge money, which Mr. Cassanova monocracy gives for his friends?

ааа It is difficult to consider them as УscientificФ works, because the most of them are written as idle talk without significantly scientific base, detail data, equations, computations, references and other obligatory scientific attributes.

а Below are some comments of space scientists. The estimation made by the following criteria:

1)     Is this author idea or invention? If applicant is not author, how is this idea old? How much are scientific works related to this idea? What inventions the applicant includes in this idea?

2)     Is there the scientific research of this idea (new mathematical model of phenomena, new equation, computation, estimations)? Has this idea a perspective? If grant is more $100,000, did researcher make the model or development type?

3)     Is it published the main results and a cost (grant) of this research in scientific journals?

1.      Bradley Edwards, Space Elevator.

Award is about one millions dollars ($645,000 for Edwards plus 30% for Mr. Cassanova, total cost is 0ne million of dollars)

In this Уscientific reportФ it is no equation, no computations, no scientific results, no ideas, no anything for sciences.а You find 42 pages an idle talk, explanation what is space elevator for first step schoolboys, and pictures for children. Every page of the idle talk is paid by more $20,000 !!!

аа But may be space elevator is Cassanova-Edwars idea?

аHistoric note: The idea of Space Elevator offered by Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky more the 100 years ago in his famous book УDreams about Earth and SpaceФ in 1894 !! The detail ideas and research was made by Russian scientists Arstytanov. That was published in supplement to well-known newspaper УKomsomolskaia PravdaФ on 31 July 1960 (circulation is more two millions copies). Later many excellent scientific works were published about Space Elevator (nobody of them does not refer in УFinal ReportФ), many very good proposals for research of this topic were offered to NIAC. All of them were declined by Mr. Cassanova. He awarded the Edward work!


a)           No new idea in this work.

b)           No any scientific results in this work.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr. Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ two times by total one millions dollars!!

Reaction of World press see in Internet.

2.      Dave Newman, Bio-Suite.

Award is about one millions dollars.а (66 pages)а


а There are excellent space suites for cosmonauts and astronauts now. They are using them when they flew to the Earth orbits and to the Moon. They use it when they went to the open space.

а Ms. Dava Newman wants to throw away the current excellent environmental suite and to spray a plastic to the astronaut. She does not know that astronaut has internal pressure some tons. He must defecate, perspire, respire, and move. He can not do it in Newman suite.

а Ms. Newman received from Mr. Cassanova about one millions dollars, but she can not present even a swimming trunks made his method. His reports are only idle talk about useless, impossible, exotic suite.

аа Mr. Cassanova awarded Ms. Newman two times.а Why Mr. Cassanova awarded Ms. Newman? It is easy understood: Ms. Newman was in the NIAC Advisory Council and many years she covers the illegal activity of Mr. Cassanova. That way Mr. Casanova violates Ethic Rules and presents the million of dollars of taxpayers to useful person.


a)     No any scientific results in this work.

b)     No production model.

c)      No testing and comparison bio suite with current EVA suite by independent Commission.

d)     No one million dollars in taxpayer purse.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr.Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ two times by total one millions dollars!!

3.      E. Hodgson, A Chameleon Suite.

Award is about one millions dollars.


Mr. Cassanova has troubled how the cosmonauts will be at Pluto and the sun will illuminate them. He has not known there are EVA suites which proved as excellent space clothes. Their color gives an optimal temperature for cosmonauts and astronauts. If the astronaut will arrives at Pluto (in 3000 year!) and he will fill a hot weather, he can slip on other color overall.

Mr. Cassanova very want to ash Mr. Hodgson and Cassanova lavishes him as one million dollars (taxpayer money) for absolutely useless УresearchФ. Mr. Hodgson did not present even the production model of his chameleon suite.аа

Summary: see case above.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr. Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ two times by total one millions dollars!!

4. R. Hoffman, Controlling the Global Weather.

ааа Award is about one million dollar

There is gigantic weather Institute and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which research and develop this problem in hundred years. Why Mr. Cassanova did not send this proposal in NOVA? Because the NOAA will burst out laughing and will not give one cent for this УresearchФ.а But Mr. Cassanova very wants to award his protégé.

If you think after getting one million dollars Mr. Cassanova-Hoffman will control weather, we make a big mistake. This УresearchФ does not contain any practical results. It has only empty speculations.

Summary: see case above.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr. Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ two times by total one millions dollars!!

аTaxpayers can only cry how Mr. Cassanova spends their money.

5. Omidi. Cocoon Vehicle

аа Award is more 75,000.00 dollars + about $30.000 for Mr.Cassanova

This work has pretensions of УscientificФ work. However, it well shows as Cassanova selects the researcher. This work is written out of all scientific rules and that has ONLY principal mistakes. We note only some of them:

a)       The electric charge locates in space plasma (solar wind) and unlike charges are immediately neutralized the gigantic (4000 C !!) ship charge (electric intensity decreases from billion volt to 5-10 thousands volts and less). It means ALL OmidiТs computation is incorrect.

b)       Mr.Cassanova-Omidi do not know that charged ball will has tensile stress from electric charge and ball thickness will be not 10 microns, but it will be in thousand times more. It means the ship flight data will be in thousands times worse then they computed.

c)        Computations of discharging are all wrong.

аThe Mr. Omidi requested 5 times, if Mr. Cassanova will give him one million (study two), he will make gross errors a lot times more.

Hurry Mr. Cassanova.


a)     No any scientific results in this work.

b)     There are ONLY gross scientific errors.

e)     No this money in taxpayer purse.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr.Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ!!

а6.а S. Howe, Antimatter Sail and Storage (He awarded 4 times!).

ааа Award is more 150,000.00 dollars + about $60,000 for Mr. Cassanova.

а The world science can get only separated atoms antimatter which exists some nanoseconds. Their cost is billions dollars. The World science donТt n know how to safe antimatter.

аа However Mr. Cassanova hurries up to award his protégé by taxpayer money for 10 pages absolutely empty speculations about this problem. It is 10 thousands dollars for every page! It has no conscience at all.

аааа Summary:

a)     No new idea in this work.

b)     That is not scientific works. No equations for computation.

c)      No any scientific results in this work.

аCassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr.Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ!!

7. G. Maise, Exploration of Jovian Atmosphere Using Nuclear Flyer.

ааааа Award (total expenses) аis 1 millions dollars

а The NASA a lot of years can not produce industrial hypersonic engine for Earth atmosphere which contains oxygen. NASA not produce nuclear engine for Earth, for Space ship. But Mr. Cassanova easily produced (fiction) engine for atmosphere, which is unknown.

а DonТt think that protégé Mr. Cassanova presented the produced model. He presented only some pages of whitefish with common speculations.а

а Summary:

a)     No new idea in this work.

b)     No any scientific results in this work.

c)      That is not scientific work.

CassanovaТs decision: Excellent work!! Mr. Cassanova awarded this УresearchФ two times by total one millions dollars!!


а We considered only 7 from about two hundreds CassanovaТs awards. But 90% final reports are the idle talks. It not means that no talent scientists in the USA. That means that the system of funding and awarding of scientific works is wrong. Mr. Cassanova is employee of university system and try funding his friends and protégé in his system. However, the universities take the funded money for itself and do not pay them to professor who received the fixed salary. The professor is overloads by lectures, work with students, examining. He does not have time and possibility to make serious research which requests the huge efforts and much time. ThatТs why he wrote the idle talk report.

The USA National Research Council (NRC) found the best solution of this problem Ц one send scientists to government research centers or laboratories and they works full time 1-2 years into them.


The best way is to withdraw this function and this money from NASA-NIAC-USRA, pass them to Special Government (or the National Academies) Committee included the famous scientists and to award the published works (researches) contained new concepts, ideas, inventions, and innovations. To make it in an open competition.

The Nobel Committee is not awarding the man who only promised to make the notable research. Why paltry Cassanova gives out the millions of taxpayer dollars to his friends without any control and government auditing? Any non-scientists can see that their Уfinal reportsФ are idle talk, non-scientific works and do not cost the gigantic money which Mr. Cassanova gives his protégé.

аSame situation is in universities researches ordered by Army, NAVY, Air Force. The universities request advance payment. When they produce the final report, the Government customer finds himself in the complex situation: to admit himself guilt (incapacity to select researcher) or accepts final report and told Ц all are OK.

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